I’ve shared several times (here, here, here, here) about our experience with trying to start a family. It’s been quite a while since I’ve written an update on that because not much has happened as far as a baby is concerned. I have a feeling that might change soon, so consider this an update of sorts. Also, allow me to explain why I titled this post “Grateful”.

The last I wrote, I was doing acupuncture with someone who specializes in acupuncture for infertility and works directly with one of the fertility clinics in Atlanta. I stopped shortly after that post because I was coming up on my deadline to turn in my cookbook manuscript and I just couldn’t continue getting to the appointments those last few weeks. We’d considering going back to acupuncture once I was past that deadline, but then there were other cookbook deadlines – photos, edits, etc. Plus, once I stopped the acupuncture I realized how relieved I was. I had no idea how much it was actually adding to my stress. Arranging my days around the weekly appointment, meals around when I had to take herbs, taking my temperature early every morning at the exact same time. Man was that exhausting! Plus, at the time I was still working full-time during the day.

I quit acupuncture and went part-time at my job at about the same time. We’d decided it was time to pull back on things (and stress) for me a bit, so we did. One of my last acupuncture appointments ended up being an interesting day. That morning the hubs started to bring up the possibility of moving onto the next step in this whole attempt at having a baby. I have to admit, I didn’t say much about it. Then at my appointment my acupuncturist asked, “Have you guys starting talking about what might be next?” I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the gist. I said we hadn’t. The truth is, I wasn’t ready to have that conversation.


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