Hysteroscopy + Let’s Get This Party Started!

Ok, so last we chatted on the subject of my {in}fertility, we were waiting for some testing to be done. If you aren’t already familiar, IVF comes with wait after wait after wait. It’s a game of waiting, folks. And yet again, I’m sorry all I’m talking about is IVF. It won’t last forever – I promise! But today there’s some stuff I want to share, so here we go.

You may remember that about 2 1/2 years ago I had an HSG. Well, I mentioned in my last post that I was lined up to have a hysteroscopy. The doctor didn’t play it up very much – just take a few IBProfein and I’d be good. Since the HSG was pretty breezy, I sort of expected the same thing with this.

Well again, I was wrong. Boy have I been wrong a lot lately. πŸ˜‰

Oh my goodness. SO much more uncomfortable. When I got into the room, there was a hazardous material bag tied under where I’d be laying – a bad sign. Ha! The nurse pointed out the monitor where they’d be looking at the inside on my uterus and mentioned I could watch if I wanted. I was all, “Yea! I want to see it! Cool!”

Well they apparently numbed my cervix, but it felt like I could feel everything – like there was a lot of scraping and overall invasion of my lady space. But still, as it got started I was all, “Ok, not terrible, just uncomfortable”.

Then they stuck in the scope – the long rod with the camera on the end. At first I was still fine. I watched the monitor as they took pictures of where my fallopian tubes drop into my uterus (crazy to be able to look at, btw) and then it got worse. The cramping was bad. And there was a lot of pressure. I feel like my body was screaming, “What is this thing!? GET OUT!” And it was angry. And I felt the anger. I just laid as still as I could.


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