IVF: The Transfer

So last we chatted, I caught you up on the retrieval part of the IVF process. That was a longer post because that process is much more involved. The appointments, the medications, so many questions and answers along the way. The transfer is much more straight forward.

Getting started, I was put on birth control. You could say that isn’t part of the transfer, but the way they have things set up it’s sort of like it is. But it was basically the in between period. I went on birth control when I got my first period after the retrieval and stayed on it for about three weeks.

The next step was taking Estradiol, which is basically estrogen. I am still taking it now and it’s three times a day. I have alarms set so I don’t forget. I started that medication right after the birth control about for 2 weeks before adding in the progesterone shots.

The progesterone shots are oil based and they are really the only part of this transfer process that gets a little not so fun. The shot is nightly and began about 5 days before the actual transfer. I think that’s because the embryo was frozen at day 5, and if you think about ovulation and when you begin producing progesterone, it all kind of makes sense. Five days post “ovulation” is basically when the transfer occurred, or at least that’s my understanding.


The shots.

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